Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Tactical Thursday - 2,000 Round Beginnings

So, I'm gonna begins today's post with a bit of housekeeping/backstory. As some of you may have know, I draw a lot of inspiration from Hognose when it comes to blogging. Kevin was a hella great role model. And I miss him every day. Shawn is doing great work over at his place keeping his spirit alive. He posts both old Weaponsman's pieces and new content that is very much in the same vain. Some the great commentators make appearances over their as well. Kirk even brings up tripods from time to time. So go check out Shawn and Howard. They even manage to get content up daily.

But for today's post, I'm falling back on stealing from the other great gun blogger, Tam, and her abuse of pistols. But hey, a gun blogger ought to go shoot. And shooting has commenced in my own personal 2,00 round test.

The Ruger P-95 made the trip down to Florida. Pudge looked at it askance, which a lot coming from man who owns a Hi-Point. But a quick fam fire brought him around. The guys at Prescott knew what they were doing. To no one' suprise, the old P-95 spit out 20 rounds of 115 grn Remington/UMC just fine.

Cheap and clean. You pay double for that on Victory Drive
And Tuesday, I stretched the old gun's legs just a little bit more. Another 30 rounds of the UMC to finish off the box and then another 20 of Blazer Brass 115 grn. Which was also aquired on the cheap.

Not as cheap and in a ugly box
So that brings the total to 80 rounds thus far with no issues. To personify just a bit; I think the old piece is wondering what in the hell happened after the last 15 years of living in a case stuffed in a footlocker at Mother's house. Tune in next Thursday when we broach the 200 round thresh hold. Hopefully. Kryssie is coming to town this Saturday and we're all going to see the Braves play; so, Tuesday I may be shaking off an old man hangover.

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