Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tuesday Talking Points

Alrighty then, we'll do this BLUF:

My Mother is in the hospital. Pops is also due for a knee replacement.

So as of later, if I haven't been slinging guns across the counter, or sitting at the local regional trauma center, this has been my office view.

Some things never change

So yeah, sorry blogging has been non existent. I've got a cool battle belt article I've been playing with as a compliment to what Pudge wrote but haven't had the motivation to put fingers to keys.

But hey, the Braves are seven games up in the East. And I bought a Mossberg 835 in the hopeful thought that may next spring I'll venture out after the ever elusive gobble squatch.

As previously mentioned, I'm not the most religious fellow; but, for my readers who are strong in their walk, I'd appreciate prayers for my Mother.


  1. Hey Mack;

    Your mom is in our thoughts, that goes without saying. I understand the lack of blogging lately, with my having to studying for my certifications, I can't spend 2 hours a night blogging, LOL

  2. Sorry you had to return to blogging with this sort of news. Good luck for your mother, and, once your life settles down enough to blog, well, we'll be here!


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