Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Trading Places Tuesday

 So, I went did a thing. 

I swear in with the County Sheriff's Office next Monday. I'm tired of being muzzled, talked down to, and asked when the newest Blastomatic 2000 will be in.

And more importantly, I miss making a difference. And I miss doing real world stuff to help people.

I can here the questions and comments now: "But its a terrible time to be a cop. People are going to hate you."

All of that may be true. But. And big but here.

If not me; who?

If not now; when?


  1. Hey Mack;

    I applaud you doing what you are doing, if i was 25 years younger, I would be joining you. You will be a PoPo in a Red County, it won't be so bad, sure there will be "blue Enclaves" but not like the folks working in Atlanta or other big Donk cities. You can still make a difference and that is commendable.

    1. You know me, buddy. Always finding some new mess.

    2. So when will we know how this is working out? It has been 5 months.


  2. Concur with both of the above. Proud of you.

    1. Thank you, Sir. Aim to do right by guys like you, Lawdog, Matt, and Peter

  3. I might just be able to stop things from going rodeo.

  4. Reserve deputy? Did that for 12 years, but we weren't armed. Many of the same reasons you espouse, though. Was on the dive team for a while. Did a lot of patrolling.

    Ended up burned out and fed up w admin's lack of funding, training requirements, and being asked to do everything the office took on. There were about 70 reserve deputies. About 15 did all the work.

    Good luck, I wish you well.

  5. We never fail when we try to do our duty, we always fail when we neglect to do it.

    --Robert Baden-Powell

    Proud of you Mack.


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