Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Weapons Wednesday -Winchester Short Mag - Take Two

 So, what's the best way to deal with the ammo panic? Dry fire? Reloading? Hoarding?

None of the above! The best thing to do is buy a rifle in a hard to fine caliber that is loaded only seasonally!

I like Model 70s. And I have come around to the short magnum bastard cartridges. 

And when my best friend Huck called and said:

"Hey, I'm looking at a Model 70 Ultimate Shadow in three hundred short mag. Guy only wants four bills for it. You in?" 

I of course said sure and promptly got into the truck. 

I like yellow and orange 

Excuse the potato quality cell phone pics. 

I had a VX-II 4-12x40mm lying around and it dropped right on there. Warne rings and bases because I get those damn free from work .

The Model 70 Ultimate Shadow is a new production, pre 64 designed gun made right before Winchester went bankrupt and got gobbled up by FNH. 

Super lightweight; ergonomic, easy handling rifle. And hey, I still got 300 WSM on the shelf at the store. 

Thanks for stopping buy. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Tuesday Update

 Hey, is this on? 

Y'all still there?

So, lets have some fun life updates and hopefully a Weapons Wednesday tomorrow. 

Um, Pudge has decided that jumping out of airplanes full time was getting old. And that he wanted to grow wheat. So he moved out to the heartland. 

And I got the Covids. Again. But like for real this time. 

Oh, and I am in the process of becoming a State Game Warden. And holy crap. I'm fat. 

But. Your Counter Jockey team is here and still kicking. Kinda. 

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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Slinging Lead Saturday

Just some pictures of a few Saturdays ago getting to do some blasting as the 'Counter Jockey Blog Team.' Now we just need to get back out there and keep working some of the drills we found and like. I'm always looking for new drills so please comment with your favorites.

Mack being a great 'dummy' for the camera!

A little carbine action.

Because I really want to be a cool commando.

A couple of nice tools.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Tuesday Tips

Realistic Targets-
By Pudge

After a long hiatus for life, we’re back with another Tuesday Tips. I’m going to discuss a very simple yet effective way to help make your 2d, cardboard target a little more realistic. It will also help you get a better idea of your natural aim point when there is no ‘scoring ring’ to aim at.

I took a regular IPSC/USPSA target and put a t-shirt over it. This helps make the target look a little more like something you may have to shoot at should the time arise. I just used an extra t-shirt that I had laying around. I prefer to use black t-shirts because they simulate the most extreme scenario. The black hides any hits you’ve made while also making you work for your sights as it creates very little contrast. (Especially if you are running black on black irons.)

My target after 9 rounds.

Mack blasting away!

Doing this allows you to see where you might aim in a self-defense scenario. I’ve never really had an issue even with low contrast targets but as you can see, I tended to be inline, just a smidge low. Still effective hits but nice to know I should aim a little higher than I think. Go try it out and you might be surprised what you find out.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Tsundoku Tuesday - Pacific War Trilogy

 As a meta intro, the thought of using a Japanese word to begin a book review gave me a bit of a Bud Light induced chuckle. 

A bit of backstory:

Georgia Southern University, 2009

Our protagonist was in a bit of a bind. He had drawn a pretty good topic for his term paper in Early U.S. History, 1787 to 1830; HIST 2500 class. In fact, his topic was so easy as to lead to a bit of complacency. You, see our protagonist, spent four years of high school in NJROTC. And was a bit of a history nerd. So the topic " The Continental Navy and the early U.S. Navy" seemed like a piece of cake. Which was good because our protagonist was very busy with sorority girls and cheap beer. 

And then the next thing you know, it is 2045 on the night before the paper is do. The library is closed. But the local Barnes and Noble says they have a copy of "Six Frigates" in stock. And with a bit of creative sourcing, our hero is able to finish his paper, secure a B in the course, and have a lot of fun at the AOII Christmas party. 

*Insert picture her of me with a cardigan sweater and reindeer antlers on here*

So, ever since then I've really liked Ian Toll. 

He has recently finished the last book of his "Pacific Trilogy" concerning the war between the USA and Empire of Japan from 1941 to 1945. I've become a big fan here lately of the historical view that the Pacific War was damn near separate from WWII in Europe. Mister Toll is also a big proponent of that view.

The first book in his series is entitled "Pacific Crucible" and covers then period of 8 Dec 1941 until the Battle of Midway. And is very well done. I have a few minor quibbles in regards to how he formats some rank abbreviations and squadron designations. Also, I'm that guy. I like footnotes on the page where they are cited. So I can highlight then and there without having to refer to the index or bibliography. 

And the War in the Pacific has been rehashed a hundred different times. Mister Toll is very concise but doesn't really present anything new or Earth shattering. 

That being said; I still whole heartedly recommend his trilogy because of one cogent point.

He is rightfully appreciative and does his level best to give generous and due credit to the pre-war regulars. Both officers and enlisted. He gives them the credit for winning the war. Which they so rightfully deserve and are so often neglected for. The war began in earnest on 8 Dec 1941. We won it on 6 Jun 1942. The IJN just didn't realize it yet.

And the guys that held the line and won the war were all pre-war regulars, for good or ill. And they did their jobs. And did them well in spite of obsolete equipment and horrendous pay.

Ian Toll finally gives them their due. Can't recommend his books enough.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Military Monday - Making Used MiG Parts

 So, this past weekend your favorite counter jockey went and hung out with everyone's favorite co-blogger Pudge, 

And the Counter Jockey Ladies Auxillary also hung out. And did some shopping. And did some wine drinking. Life was good.

Pudge and I ventured out to look at old airplanes.

And I couldn't help but try and be artistic.

Even on the ground, the MiG will try and hide from the F-4. 

That's a F-4C that flew ably in SEA. And just out of focus is a MiG-21 we bought from Indonesia.

Hiding, from the F-4. The natural predator of the MiG.

Thanks for stopping buy. Should have some fun gun content this week.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Thursday Thoughts

By Pudge

Some more recent musings to think about below.

1) If you conceal carry, what position do you carry in? Why do you carry there?

2) Do you carry spare ammunition for concealed carry? How do you carry it?

3) When conducting rifle training how do you carry your spare magazines?

4) What type of firearms/military style training would you recommend to others? What kind of training are you looking for?

5) What do you look for in a trainer?

Hope these questions get the brain working and potentially help prioritize some things.

A picture of Mack shooting a Hi Point because I can't let him live it down!

Weapons Wednesday -Winchester Short Mag - Take Two

 So, what's the best way to deal with the ammo panic? Dry fire? Reloading? Hoarding? None of the above! The best thing to do is buy a ri...