Thursday, January 28, 2021

Thursday Thoughts

By Pudge

Below are just a few things I’ve been pondering and wondering what others think.

1) Do you keep/prefer a minimal number of calibers so that you have interchangeability or do you have/prefer a wide variety of calibers hoping even in crazy times at least one will be available?

2) Are you in the camp of cleaning your guns after every range visit or one that waits a few trips?

3) Are you against red dots on handguns? If so, do you have a red dot on your rifle?

4) Do you load all your M4 style magazines to 30, 29, 28, or some other variation?

5) Do you keep your magazines stored loaded or unloaded?

Just a few things to ponder and see what others do and why.

And a cool picture because why not!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Tsundoku Tuesday

Rogue Heroes-
By Pudge

This review won’t live up to the standards of everyone’s favorite Counter Jockey but I really enjoyed this book and thought it was very much worth sharing. The book is Rogue Heroes by Ben Macintyre. It tells the story of the inception and use of the SAS during WWII.

If you enjoy history and diving into the roots of current military units around the world then this is the perfect book for you. It is an easy read that makes you feel like you are right there beside these history making warriors. For those that have served it will make you re-live some of your toughest moments.

The book starts with David Stirling’s brilliant plan to wage a new kind of warfare against the Axis powers in the vast North African desert. It follows the heroics of these brave and daring Soldiers from their rough beginnings in the desert through Italy and finally through the push into France and Germany. You will feel the frustrations as the successful new unit starts being used incorrectly by higher echelons and then revel in the victory of proper utilization. It is again maddening to see the termination of the unit after the end of WWII only for Britain to immediately realize there will always be a need for such a specialized group of men.

I really enjoyed this book because in a way, the SAS are the forefathers of the unit that I currently serve in within 7th Special Forces Group. Ben Macintyre writes a very thrilling book that is definitely worth a read.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Tactical Thursday

 The rush for firearms and ammunitions continues unabated. Cries of sedition and insurrection are bandied about by each side of the aisle. I fret for the Republic. I fret for my family. So there isn't a whole lot to do. 

But everyday you should do something that makes yourself hard to kill. Being hard to kill makes you hard to subjugate as well.

That's 25 yard slow fire with my new Glock 17. Jesus, those factory dovetail protectors suck. 

Be hard to kill. The fate of the Republic may depend on it.

-Counter Jockey 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Weapons Wednesday

Nomad Defense Nomad 9-
By Pudge

I did something again. In the continual quest to be a better shooter I found a new shiny object that drew me in. Welcome home the Nomad Defense Nomad 9 frame compatible with all of Mack’s favorite Gen 4 tupperware parts. Before we start, yes, the best way to improve is to practice and not go buy new ‘wonder’ gadgets. But as I’ve stated many times and will continue to do so, the Austrian ‘perfection’ just doesn’t fit my hand that well. Because of this, I built my NAG and SPACENAG that many of you have already read about. I really like the P80 frames and have been extremely happy with mine over the past 2 years but when I saw the Nomad Defense frame, I saw another option in the expanding market that might fit me just a hair better. In the world of self-defense and competition (self-defense is its own competition to live) I want to squeeze out every bit of advantage that I can.

Nomad frame as it comes in the box.

Completed handgun.

Initial thoughts on this frame are amazing. It is a 100% completed and serialized frame made for those trying to improve their Gen 4 blasters. The variances between the Nomad frame and a regular tupperware frame may not seem huge but they do make a huge difference. The more notable changes are removed finger grooves, an enlarged trigger guard, a beavertail, more natural grip angle for those of us who grew up on real steel, and changeable backstraps. The more subtle additions include forward gas-peddle like thumb ledges, a beveled internal magazine well, and moving to the two-pin design. The slides I have tested on it both Gen 3 and Gen 4 have cycled smoothly and flawlessly.

The changes from a standard Glock and the Polymer80s, which I do really like, are why I wanted to test this frame out and see if it could live up to its marketing hype. So far, I’d say it definitely does. I really like the beavertail. It keeps me from getting railroad tracks dug into my hands and they also combined it with a nice contour that allows for very possibly the highest grip on the market. The stippling is not quite as grippy as some but it seems to remain locked in place and doesn’t move around. (Being not quite as rough is also nicer on my skin while carrying concealed.) The thumb ledges give you a very nice index point and can help mitigate some muzzle flip. The only downside (which also creates benefits) of this frame is the enlarged trigger guard. I only call it a downside as it is just enough different that it can limit some of your holster options. To me it isn’t a big deal because I run a light and all my light bearing holsters work with it. Some non-light bearing holsters will work as well but it can hinder some options.

Trigger guard differences.

Backstrap differences.

Overall comparison to P80.

To this point, I’ve only gotten to run a few hundred rounds through it but am very optimistic that this frame will see some good use as long as ammo gets to be more available again. I still really like my Polymer80 frame and will continue to use it but for now this will take over as my hard use/every day gun. If you are looking for a great upgrade or want to build a more perfected Gen 4 then I certainly recommend taking a look at Nomad Defense.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Fundraiser for Veteran Sean Fitzgerald

Hey there Counter Jockey Community. I'm asking for help in, and sharing this gofundme link for one of my former Soldiers. I was lucky enough to share my first deployment to Afghanistan with Sean. He was a warrior in uniform and is an even better man if that's possible. You can read about his circumstances in the link but he unexpectedly began suffering from a brain hemorrhage on 29DEC20. He had to be put into an induced coma for emergency brain surgery. He is no longer in the coma but is continuing to have trouble communicating. 

Sean in Afghanistan 2012.

He is an amazing husband and father of two that needs all the help he can get right now. I wouldn't be asking for help if I didn't believe it was for a noble cause. So thank you and please spread the word by any means possible.


Saturday, January 2, 2021

Slick Shooting Saturday

Trick Shooting-
By Pudge

Hey there everyone. Both Mack and I are still kicking, just a little slower but still here. This new year should provide us with plenty to write about so hang with us and we'll see what the year brings. So lets start it off right with a new build that I put together and then decided to do a little "trick shooting" with. It was a great way to test the new Nomad Defense Nomad 9 frame while also not blasting through all of my ammo. Hope everyone has an amazing year and enjoy the quick videos.

This thing shoots beautifully and feels amazing in the hand.

Shooting at a shotshell.

Getting a little smaller with some 9mm brass.

Somber Sunday

 So, been wearing a badge for seven months now. I enjoy it. Have had good days, fun days, bad days, and even dare I say it, boring days. Tod...