Friday, September 18, 2020

Friday Follies

Spring Power-
By Pudge

The other day as I was sitting studying up on some random moments in history, I get a video call from everyone’s favorite counter jockey. The tupperware gunsmith himself needed some thoughts on a Vietnam era 1911 that he was working on. Well, knowing that I love ‘antiquated’ equipment, even though it still gets the job done better than most, who better to call. After some Mack grumblings, the well known ‘sproing’ happens. Pretty sure that recoil spring plug got launched to the other side of Atlanta. A few more choice words that only a well-seasoned tradesman knows and it was time for round two. A little encouragement from yours truly and we were ready to see if the next one could rival a NASA launch. I was not disappointed when ‘doiiing’, this one took off with even more gusto than number one. I’m pretty sure they are forever stuck in the ceiling of the garage as a permanent fixture from now until the end of time. This did it for Mack. Well, nothing a nice oat soda or two couldn’t fix but definitely gave me a lot of good laughs. 

Anyone who has worked on any sort of firearm before I’m sure can relate to the above chronicle. Just make sure you pass these stories on to others because you never know when a friend needs a good laugh.

Probably wouldn't have happened with a recoil spring plug like this!


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  2. Hey Pudge;

    LOL, Well you know that Mack is used to the Plastic fastastic of Glocks since he is SUCH a fanboi you know. Now our mutual friend OldNFO is a fan of Old Ironside since both have been around since the great war ;) And Thanks for the Laugh,

    P.S I had syntax Errors in my first comment.

    1. Mr. Garabaldi,

      I'm glad you're here to keep everyone straight! Let's just say that things were made right back then and keep on ticking and who knows how many times Mack has bumped his head.

  3. If I ever build a dedicated gun room, it will be white, and the floor will slope to the center of the room... Launching 'springs' occurs with many a weapon being disassembled, usually with said spring never being found, and a spare having to be ordered! (and this includes mainsprings in revolvers... Grrrr)

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      You are on to something...I like the idea, when I was building my lower for my latest AR, I had a spring take off on me, and I had a hell of a time finding it, I was on the Kitchen table and had to put a flashlight on the ground and look for shadows to find the spring......

    2. I'm thinking Old NFO has the right idea here! I'm sure I'd still find a way to shoot the spring behind something where I couldn't reach it though. Just like working on the car and hoping when I dropped something that it would hit the ground and not get stuck somewhere else in the engine bay!


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