Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Tactical Tuesday

Today I want to expound upon mindset. And having absolute faith in your primary weapon's systems zero. Absolute faith.

The Jack Wilson of 2021.

I'm sure by now most of y'all seen the above video. 

A couple of take aways. Guy had absolute faith in his rifle and his abilities. 

Also, guy had the mindset to win. He rolled up on seen prepared to use hostile force if necessary. 

As a gear take away, the LPVO is the wave of the future.

Let's compare and contrast the above with the fate of the FBI in Miami today.

Those Agents were not expecting a fight. And paid for it. 

As the world turns to shit; be prepared.

Have a good rifle. Have a good zero. Have a good mindset.


  1. Mack,

    This is what I believe all police officers should aspire to be like. Not only did he know that he could make the shot but he did without hesitation and then understood what was important after the shot. "No, f-that, get the kid." Then immediately afterwards he was able to switch and talk calmly with the kid to help him know it was ok.

    LPVOs are becoming more commonplace every day. Regardless of what you use, if you carry it, it is your duty to be prepared to use it and know what your capabilities are.

    1. I get the feeling Homeboy could have done the same thing with an old M-16A1

  2. I would bet the officer had fought that battle a number of times in his head before he had to fight it that day. There was no hesitation, he did not rush but went about it quickly and with purpose. Well Done!


    1. Certainly. I'd like to buy him a beer or two one day.

  3. Hey Mack;

    That was a hella shot, and to go scarf the kid up and calm him down afterwards...hell of a man. I was listening to the PD Spokesperson and the doublespeak they were using, I am expecting them to hang the guy out to dry if the usual suspects cry and bitch about "injustice" or some crap.
    As far as the Feebies goes....I don't buy the ferdilizer they are spreading....."Kiddie Porn?" Really? The one thing to guarantee trashing the dead guys reputation postmortem. Maybe he was...but the Feebee have lied soo much I don't believe the BS they are selling and they are making the agents out as "Hero's". Maybe they were, but they went on over confident and figured the magic words "FBI" and the the guy would meekly comply and it didn't happen....this is a precursor if this starts going pear-shaped if the usurper in office tries any gun seizures...you will see more of the same.


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