Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tinkering Tuesday/Thursday - An Interesting Rifle

Savage entered the disposable entry level market in 2010 with the Axis, briefly flirting with the term Edge. The first generation Axis was not the best rifle in the world, even in the disposable synthetic stocked bought at Wal-Mart atopped with a Chinese made weaver. The Axis II, fitted with the AccuTrigger is a quality rifle. I have one in .22-250 that I bought on a whim. Seriously, I had just gotten off a plane coming back from Hawaii, I still had money in my pocket, it seemed like a good idea.

But on my to new interesting rifle. A first generation new in box Savage Axis in .30-06 Springfield.

Parkerized and Synthetic. So pretty. 

Oh yeah, it's awesome. Okay, I can hear the wheels turning now. This rifle, which I got for a steal at $187.25, which believe it or not, actually hit my margins number, will hopefully soon be an interesting rifle as Col Whelen described it. In the cartridge to bare his name.

My plan, taking advantage of the fact that Axis has the same barrel nut as the 10/110 series rifles is to affix a Green Mountain Barrel to it. Ordered a Boyd's stock in something tasteful, maybe with some nekkid ladies on it, and mount a Loopy VX-1 atop it.

I'm not entirely sure what I am going to do with it past that, already having a .30-06 Hawkeye and a 7mm Rem Mag Hawkeye; but, everyone should have a rifle in a classic caliber.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Definitely keep us posted! I've always wondered if it is less expensive to buy something with a decent foundation, like an Axis, and swap in higher quality parts vs. buying something with those parts to start.

    1. I got lucky in the pricing of the Axis, for sure. And I have too, but I know that on paper this already cheaper than the few boutique firms making factory guns in .35 Whelen


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