Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tinkering Tuesday - Taking roll

First off a bit of blogging house keeping; as my kid sister will tell you, and my old 1st Sgt, and my office manager from the Boy Scouts, and Jackie, and the guys at the shop, despite being a millennial, I ain't the most technologically minded fellow.

If I miss a comment of yours or a reciprocal blog link, please let me know. Between posting on my ancient desk top at home, playing on my phone at lunch, and using the work computer when the manager ain't around, it is pretty easy for me to miss a comment or ping back. So, let me know.

So, on to today's Tinkering Tuesday, which is more a meandering essay about the gun culture.

So, Jackie brought me lunch the other day at the shop. And I was singing the praises of the ACOG we had in the case. I need one in my life. Because reasons. In a desperate attempt to win the support of Household Six, a plaintive cry of "since my gun parts are expensive I buy shirts at K-Mart"

So, not exactly the best effort. And after lunch, we took in an old Savage 110 in .30-06. So help me, my first thought was, "oh man, that'd be fun to re barrel into something odd."

As previously noted, I have hankering for odd calibers.

And shortly there after, I bought a basket case 642 off a little old lady. I figure what better way to learn the ins and outs of the J-Frame than to take one a part this is already non-functional. Sidenote: I can hunt and peck pretty good so if I screw up the timing you will all have a detailed AAR of what went wrong and I'll start going by stumpy.

Another project gun for the ledger; which at last count includes the following:

  • The Ruger American Predator
  • The Savage Axis .35 Whelen build
  • SiG -226 barrel swap (Seriously, I forgot about that. Easy project)
  • AR- rifle build
  • AR- pistol build
  • Basket case 642 sympathy project (You want to tell a little old lady you can give her $200 for her recently departed husband's carry gun?)
So, yeah, that's a lot on the plate. Oh, and my writing. Oh, and the 2,000 round test on the P-95. Yeah, in a little bit over my head.

But, and big but here, as I was reading up on uppers on The Firing Line, I read a thread concerning AR- building, some of the fellows were discussing how they thoroughly enjoyed building a project gun and then sort of lost interest in it. And that really resonated with me. Never in a million years would I have envisioned myself playing with cheap guns as a hobby. But it's fun. Almost as fun as shooting.

At least with a whole bunch of projects to work on; my Mother won't worry about me delving into alcoholism. I don't have any money for it. Mr. Larry has it all.


  1. Hey Mack;

    It is fun to build your own AR pattern rifle :) trust me, I have built 2. On a different note, I don't mess with my Milsurp rifles, I leave them in original condition. I do know projects and keeping busy, the house will take your time also(unless you fall through the ceiling :D. I had to get technologically savvy because I blog. Before then I knew how to build them, but make them dance after building...not so much.

    1. All I can say if your wire is probably gonna kill us both one day with a gun I sell you


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