Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Weapons Wednesday - Embargo Guns

This weapon's wednesday will be yet another meandering essay.

To begin with; in some rare good news, the State Department and Department of Justice have settled out of court with Cody Wilson.

The key point being that entities of the federal government have admitted in legal documents that semi automatics weapons below .50 caliber serve no military purpose.

Now, yes, this is a win. But I worry about implications with the piss poor Miller decision. I hope that anti Semite bastard is cooking somewhere hotter than any ovens the Nazis ever fired up.

But I digress. My point for today's post is about outlaw guns.

Given the contents of any half way decent handyman's garage and less than a hundred bucks at Home Depot any nearly competent do it yourself-er can make a sub machine gun to put the Sten to shame.

I'm not sure if the gun grabbers are too stupid to realize that or are too naive to believe that anybody with some decent hand tools won't build a weapon for whatever reason.

And hell, it doesn't even have to be home built guns to make a stand against the gun prohibitionists.

Bill Ruger is an American hero. The man did his level best to make sure Rhodesia would stand against Communist aggression.

A few good men
Yeah, he said no honest man needed 10 rounds. And he did that to save his company. And to ensure the sunset provision made it in the '94 AWB. Any body who bad mouths Bill Ruger can recite talking points they read on that website Fargo puts out and not much else.

Firearms ain't complicated. Death to tyrants.

And that death to tyrants can come from smuggled carbines, home built sub guns, or 3D printed zip guns.

Free people will always find a way. At least I hope so.

Hognose followed the Cody Wilson case very intently. I hope wherever he is that he can enjoy this small victory.


  1. I’ve said for years that the war on guns was lost long ago. Modern firearms, even military-grade ones, are based on century-old technology that is well within the reach of any competent hobby machinist, and any attempt to outlaw broad classes of firearms will result in a very robust black market. The product will not follow restrictions such as the NFA or Bullet Buttons, either.

    1. There is also an interesting disconnect in those who value liberty and have a borderline set of skills and those whom seem to believe that if the ATF degrees all guns are illegal they will suddenly disappear.

  2. It’s magical thinking. The label on the box is always accurate. Wishing makes it so. Intentions mean more than actions. If it sounds good it must be good. People can be made perfect.

  3. Hey Mack;

    the Anti's don't realize with 3D printing and basic lathes or tools, you can build a STEN or something comparable and stick it to "Da man" and outfit your tribe with dropped or captured weapons, kinda like the VC and the French Maquis did. Shoot I thought about doing a search online for prints for a STEN gun and see how easy a halfway decent garage mechanic can do :)

    1. I've done so (for entertainment purposes only), and a good old fashioned HS metal shop class would teach you all the skills needed.

    2. I would never want to be complicit in condoning any violation of the Hughes Amendment, but the actual skill level isn't hard at all.


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