Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sunday Stories - The Science of Smith & Wesson

I have a litany of stupid human tricks. Some of which infuriate my wife. Such as being able to pack for three weeks in the space of ten minutes and fit it all in my old duffel bag, which is convient at the airport because it still has a name strip sewn own to it. I also am not terribly afflicted by jet lag, I just set my G-Shock to local time an go. And another trait I have is that I am fairly conversant in Smith and Wesson model numbers. Kinda like ancient hieroglyphics, if you immerse yourself in the language you'll eventually learn enough to get by.

So, let that set the stage for today's Sunday Story. Which actually has me on the other side of the counter.

In the spring of 2017, the then girlfriend (wife select) and one of her bridesmaids went dress shopping. I was dropped off at a convenient local gun show and told not to spend money on anything other than the door charge and a hot dog for lunch.

So, I'm pursuing the tables of fake Nazi stuff, beef jerky, and the veritable sea of AR variations. But way back in the corner, I find a table with a couple of old S&W 3rd Gen autos, including a 1006.

All the guns are cable lokced so you can pick them up, so being a fan of all things 10mm, I'm of course playing with it when the table proprietor lumbers over. Now, I'm definitely rocking a post DD-214 bod, but geez, this dude could have been in the Armor, and served as a tank. We're talking big boy. And his girth must be choking off blood flow to his brain.

"That there's a 10mm. The old FBI gun." He says.

"Yes, sir. 10mm is a good round. The FBI used it briefly in the 1076." I say, at first thinking I misheard what he had said.

"Yeah, kid, that's what I said. The FBI used that gun."

"Um, sir, this a 1006. The Feds used the 1076, which was D-A-O."

"Yeah, they're the same gun." At this point, I set the gun down and go about my way. More than a little grumpy. The funny thing being that I was wearing a S&W t-shirt, because at the gun show you must signal your tribal affiliations. Stupidity flows freely on both sides of the counter.

This week I'm submitting another piece to Loose Rounds, and hope to talk about the M-9 Beretta here.


  1. Hey Mack;

    I am glad that you understand S&W hieroglyphics because they confuse the mess out of me. I quit going to gun shows because the people on the other side of the table treat me like I am a total rube and that annoys me greatly. I am not an expert or an "operator" by any means but treating me like I fell out of the turnip truck is a bit much and that everything is overpriced.

  2. I've been told, "this gun shoots 9mm .40 and .45, just have to change the barrel". His justification was that the manual listed all 3 cartridges.


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