Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday Stories - Minority Rights

Gander Mountain #309

It was late on Friday evening. About an hour or so before close. I was bored. And not day dreaming about hunting in Africa or slaughtering doves in Argentina bored, but the kind of bored only retail workers and military folks understand. The mind numbing, every make work task has been done twice, email and Facebook checked, oh dear, the clock hasn't moved in the last three hours kind of bored.

Might be a reason why the mountain of geese went out of business; but, that's neither here nor there.

An older gentleman walked in. Well dressed and highly agitated. A younger woman was with him. A faint family resemblance. The young woman was scared.

The kind of scared you recognize when you work with kids. The scared of someone who gets beat up on by someone bigger and stronger than them. the kind of scared where they measure their words before speaking so as not to get hit again.

And let me restate my point again, the older gentleman with her was mad. I mean livid.

He wanted his daughter to have a pistol yesterday. A good one, with a big mag, and good sights.

And he had an Alabama driver's license. So I got to feel with wraith a little bit, too.

Thankfully his daughter's NICS check was actually instant.

And she left with a then new Glock 19 Gen 4. A couple boxes of cheap ammo, her Father not caring about the terminal effect of hollow points despite my earnest pleads.

But that being said, she left somewhat armed, at least with the tools. I did my due diligence and tried to recommend a couple of local training classes. And this was after a solid twenty minute across the counter lecture on the bullet points of self defense. Front sight. Front sight. Front sight.

I was deeply unsettled by that transaction. I made a point to follow the news for the next couple of days.

Nothing ever popped up nor did she ever come back.

But in that instant, the old cliche of "God made man; Colonel Colt made them equal" played true. Well, Gaston in this case, but you get the point.

The smallest minority is the individual. And an individual that can protect themselves from a larger, stronger predator has a voice. And a vote.

My politics are all over the place. I'm a Libertarian Dixiecrat Nationalist. Who is hawkish on National Defense.

But the I am a 2nd Amendment absolutist. The right to own arms is the right to be free.


  1. Hey Mack;

    You are correct, God created man and Gaston Glock made them equal. When a person no longer has teh right to defend their life from another then tyranny has arrived. For me the watershed moment was when I went to the camp at Dachau and saw how by the power of the state, people were rounded up and sent to a camp some to work and some to work and die and some to just die with the final solution and they had no recourse because their rights were stripped away from them in 1935 with the Nuremberg accords. I made a promise back in 1987 and have kept it since.

    1. glock didnt make men equal, Same Colt did, Gaston made men lowest common denominator. heyooo!

    2. Hey Shawn;
      I know, I was messing with Mack, he isn't a Glock fanboi, he likes sigs so I replaced Colonel Colt with Gaston Glock to annoy him.

  2. My firt 1911 vs Glock argument. Yes!


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