Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Sunday Stories - Sporting Clays

Hi all. Sorry for the radio silence. Work is picking up which is good. Football season is picking up; which isn't good for my liver. Household Six has been out of town for work so I've been tempted to loaf on the sofa and watch Forgotten Weapons all the time.

But, this past Sunday I engaged in the gentlemanly pursuit of killing a little orange piece of recycled asphalt with an expensive shotguns.

A couple of my buddies from when I wore the Boy Scout khaki went. Fun was had. Money was turned into noise. Some clays were hit. Most were not.

Working on my pitcher taking

Mick isn't a shooter. But the whole ride home he talked about what gun he should buy. This is how we win the culture war. We make shooting fun. We make it a social outing. We stay away from fear.

He didn't even bitch about cleaning

Busting clays in like upscale redneck golf. But it is a most pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Hey Mack;

    You done good, you are right, that is how you win the culture war. Angus blogged about those people that go to the shooting competition and all they do is go to win and forget that shooting is supposed to be fun also.


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