Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday Stories - Police Issue

Before we hit today's Sunday Story, actually posted on a Sunday, all my former and current and military readers may want go read this. I have made words else where on the Internet.

Now, today's Sunday story actually occurred yesterday. And it's a twofer.

So, being a pawn shop, we buy and sell guns. And buying guns is actually probably my favorite part of the job. Cool guns come in often enough to make it worth while. And once in awhile, you actually help somebody. Like the time we sent a sweet old widow to crazy old surplus dude on the square because her Air Corps marked -1911 was worth hella more there than in our shop.

And then you get the guy who just knows his Glock is super duper collectible and valuable and you should give him more than MAP for it.

An older gentleman came in with a blue label Glock box. Inside said box was a Gen 4 G23. In very much like new condition. Thus marking this gentleman as a specimen of the gun culture I like to call Boomer McFlipper. To your average Boomer McFlipper, whom is generally an older white guy, the business of buying and selling firearms is something one does to make some money on the side. Without an FFL. Gun Control Act of 1968? Oh you mean when they banned them no count Saturday Night Specials the blacks would buy?

Yeah, Boomer McFlipper is a fucktard.

But anywho, this fella was convinced that since he had a blue label box, it was police issue. And therefor collectible. He was incensed when one of my cohorts made him an offer way short of his $400 ask.

I displayed a rare case of good judgment and didn't show him one of the four Atlanta trade in Glock 22s marked at $399 in the used case.

People these days.

Oh, and speaking of people these days, there is another specimen of the gun culture I've run across. The older guy, who while not quite a baby boomer, seems to remember somehow the days of $35 dollar Winchester Model 94s at the hardware store.

Well, you see Cletus, there is thing called inflation. So even if Winchester still existed as an actual gun making entity, you'd bitch about the cost of that Model 94. And further more, you want to know why the major American gun makers are struggling?

It's because idiots like you only bought lowest common denominator Remington 783, Savage Axis, or Howa import gun and the occassional AR-15 after some fuckhead decided he wanted to head the CNN score board.

So, that's why a new production Henry Big Boy hits the shelf at $869.95.

Work in the firearms industry they said. There would be free guns and hot chicks. And beer. Well, I certainly do drink a lot of beer.


  1. Hey Mack;

    Yep, heckofa Twofer, and unfortunately there are douchecanoe's in the gun world, I always hope that gun owners are a better breed of humans but that stereotype has been shot to hell more than once.

    And After my work settles, I will see how much I have for that rifle you mentioned to me :) ANd I did leave a post on your other article.

  2. It's not just inflation. The price of materials has dropped through the floor while the price of labor has gone orbital.

    All the old designs require lots and lots of human involvement to complete.


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