Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tinkering Tuesday - Shooting the Snubby

So, my good friend Dennis is an ace handy man. He cured my basket case 642 in a matter of minutes. And only charged me a coffee can full of 6.8 SPC brass. It's good to have friends.

Gun leather and good reading 

So, with the previous sad new gun day being erased, it was off to the ranger, or rather the back chunk of Dennis's property. I opined on Facebook that shooting a J-Frame in front of people is most humbling.

The gun is a handful, even with powder puff cowboy action .38 loads. It's teeny sights are almost useless. And it is less than fun with 125 grn JHP +P loads.

That being said, shooting off a sandbag, the gun can ding steel at 50 feet. Which is pretty damn good for a belly gun. The trigger isn't bad at all. Better than my well used LCP. That's a benefit of buying a basket case 642-1. No internal lock. It's actually a dandy little gun.

Little being the key word; especially when compared to full size SA/DA guns

Fun was had. Ammo was shot. I, or rather, Dennis, found a load that the thus far under whelming Uzi Eagle likes. Probably gonna talk about that next week.

All that being, don't look for a 2000 round count on my little stubby. I think the 115 rounds we ran through it were probably the most it had scene since it left Massachusetts.

Tune in tomorrow for a special cruffler edition of Weapons Wednesday. Thanks for stopping buy.


  1. Hey Mack;

    I remember shooting a "belly"gun a long time ago and yes it was humbling....I couldn't hit anything with it. I am a better shot now than I was back when I was 18.

    1. I'm excited to get a few hundred rounds through it and see how the trigger gets

  2. But it turns the wrong way... :-D

    1. Well, when I'm as wise as you I'll start paying for the Pony.


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