Thursday, February 14, 2019

Tactical Thursday - Big Testicles

One year ago today a fuckhead who couldn't hack it at life decided to headline the CNN scoreboard with his shitty DPMS Oracle. And thus launched the career of a bunch of little punk kids who ain't worth the lube expended to conceive them.

It's been all over the news today. And is disgusting. Cowardice at the official level was the name of the game at Parkland. And kids died because of it.

However, today, I choose not to bitch and moan about a dishonest media, cowardly deputies, inept Sheriffs, political school boards or the like.

I  choose to honor a kid a Trooper who fucking died on the bounce and doing his best.

C/PFC Peter Wang died trying to help his fellow students escape. Unarmed, in a Class B uniform, that fine young man died trying to save others. Army Cadet Command gave him a medal. The Point admitted him posthumously. He was a man among boys.

Other kids in his JROTC BN recall him as smart and funny. Kind of heart and a rising star on the small bore team. That young man represented the very best of America. The very fucking best we had to offer.

Trooper Wang could have been a hundred dozen different kids who put on the uniform and did their best in a shitty situation. I truly hope we was welcomed in Valhalla with open arms.

Colonel Boyington might have caught some flak for giving the kids two beers since he was so small. One for each hand and what not.

Level headed action in the face of impossible circumstances is the hallmark of heroism. Cadet Wang exemplified heroism on that fateful day.

In a Budweiser inspired stroke of creative thinking, I mentioned to Jackie that when I show up to Valhalla I'd like to twirl my Beretta on my finger like a gun fight and give it to Mister Wang. So for the next battle, the final battle between good and evil, he doesn't have to go it unarmed and his Class B.

Godspeed, Cadet Wang. We've got the duty.


  1. Thank you for your remembrance. Wang, Petty and Duque all acted as the finest examples of soldiers placing themselves in harms' way.

  2. Hey Mack;

    Very good post, you honor their memory unlike their craven classmates that try to capitalize on this for personal gain.

  3. The rage that comes from realizing that these children set a better example of service than the adults who were being paid to live the example.

    Children who should never have had to step up so young.

    But they did. My hat is off to them.

  4. So, I'm an ex Big City Street Medic. My daughter tells me that I am the most cynical person that she knows (Which I pray is true!)

    Yet, re-reading this post, I am moved to tears. Exemplars of Duty, do that to me.

    Thank you for that.


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