Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Weapons Wednesday - Gaming the Glock

So, two weeks ago I got a pretty cool opportunity through work. I got to go to Glock Armorer School. For free. Heck, work bought dinner and Glock bought lunch. Can't beat that.

So, Glock School is kinda basic. A Youtube search, some patience, and some innate mechanical ability will teach you most all the technical aspects of the course. That being said, how some ever, it was nice to learn the why behind certain design elements and production principles.

A lot of fun. Met some like minded peeps and shook hands with National and International LEOs. Nice for networking and what not.

However, I think the coolest thing I learned, or rather had reinforced, was what not to do to any weapon that will be a duty piece or a dedicated self defense gun.

Glocks run great out the box. As do S&W M&Ps. Both auto loaders and six guns. And so do H&K VP9s. And so do FN 509s. And the Beretta APX. And the Walther PPQ. And the Ruger American. And the Steyr M9A1. And the Remington RP9.

What I'm getting at is that if you were to go to a modern big box store and buy a polymer framed, double stack DAO gun from a reputable manufacturer you'd get a perfectly adequate service pistol. Have I mentioned how irrationally angry I get talking about the bleeping M-17?

Now, this does not take into account the cost of mags, aftermarket support, decent night sights, holsters, hipster points, spare mags, spare parts, spare mags, cool hats, or spare mags. Did I mention spare mags? Oh, and don't forget recoil springs.

Most people in the American gun buying public will never shoot out a recoil spring in a DAO polymer stryker fired gun. But then again, most Americans never made Eagle Scout either. Be Prepared.

My belabored point here is that most people will never outlast nor out shoot their modern day shootin' iron. The big fail points will be magazines. Followed distantly by recoil spring assemblies/guide rods.

A few extra of those on hand will do all you need.

After that, the best thing you can do to your home/self defense piece is, and quoting the late great Dave McCracken here, is wear marks on it from practice.

That $200 Crimson Trace laser would be much better spent on 500 rounds of UMC 115 grn FMJ and enough range time to shoot it up.

We live in a great time of cheap, reliable handguns. And cheap, reliable ammunition. And we squander it on things like guide rod lasers and Punisher skull back plates

Go shoot. Get ya self a good tourniquet. Make sure you got at least five, preferably ten standard capacity magazines in reserve. And shoot your damn carry ammo at least once a month. Those 124 grn Gold Dots are gonna shoot different than that Blazer Brass 115 grn stuff.

Rotate your carry ammo. Shoot the bejesus out of your gun. Get to know it. Be comfortable both with it's manual of arms and how it breaks down. And after a couple a thousand rounds of that; maybe we might talk about changing that disconnector. Maybe.

As an aside, I got to meet Shane Coley at Gun School. Cool dude. AMU shooter. National Champion. And he runs a stock Glock for Production Class. And it works. Be like Shane. Shoot stock. Except for sights.

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