Sunday, February 9, 2020

Somber Sunday

A bit of a change of pace for today. We'll resume normal posting tomorrow. For now, a brief word from everyone's favorite co-blogger:

I had some other things in mind when I started writing today but instead changed pace when I saw the news. All I can say is thank you to those who have fought in the past and those still fighting today. Two more 7th Special Forces Group Soldiers were killed in Afghanistan on 8 February 2020.

Not many people still think about the ongoing wars; but, every day there are still families and friends that have to go another day without a loved one. My deepest sympathy goes out to those families that have been affected.

But I also want to say thank you and try not to mourn at their passing but celebrate the lives that they lead. Continue to talk about their deeds and their person to carry on their legacy. “A man can never die so long as someone speaks his name.”


When Pudge emailed me the above, he said feel free to round it out with anything I felt like I could add.

You wear the uniform long enough and you have to deal with this. The Forever War making it a bit harder on our relatively small military; doubly so in combat arms.

That being said, you know it's part of the job when you raise your right hand and swear in.

Still sucks though.

But tonight, Imma drink a beer and pop in The Green Berets.

And tomorrow I'm gonna sort brass and day drink. Cause this America and we're the greatest Nation on Earth. And that is definitely something worth dying for.

Catch you at Fiddler's Green, Compadres.


  1. Hey Mack and Pudge;

    We who serve or have served know the cost of war, to many people it is just a number but to us that know, it is more than that it is a fellow comrade and they paid the bill in full.

    "Ich Had eine kamaraden gehapt, do gibt keine besser"

  2. Yep, we know the cost of war and peace... Too many friends are on the Green...

  3. I know that everyone who has had to cash their blank check in would not want us to mourn but to celebrate them. We are blessed to have a nation of these warriors ready at any time to show what we will give for our continued way of life.


Somber Sunday

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