Saturday, February 1, 2020

Sorrowful Saturday

So, believe it or not, there is generally a method to my gun buying madness. I have a list of around forty or so guns I want; that which when combined with my current armory will give me the ability to do just about anything needed ballistically.

And give me some cool shit too. Because America. That's why.

One such rifle on my list is/was the Remington 700 CDL SF in .35 Whelen. For all the game in North America to include the dangerous bears.

And I'll be damned if stupid *&$%@#^! Remington didn't discontinue that rifle. Like yesterday.

I mean Big Green straight up disappeared that rifle like it was a pro liberty student in Argentina.

I whored myself out for Big Green at Gander. I sold 783s, 770s, RP9s, and the abomination that was the R51. I even sold an R-15 in 7mm-08!

I bought new, NEW I bought it, a 700 AAC-SD SPS in .300 BLK when they were fighting off bankrupty!

And you know what, screw AAC too. The cartridge should go by it's birth name of .300 JDJ or maybe .300 Whisper. I'm never listing it as .300 AAC again. (Yes, Virginia,  Big Green owns AAC)

And this is the thanks I get. The damn 700 CDL SF was on the cover of Field & Stream back in August 2017.

How do they that to a cover story rifle?

Now yes, I said I was gonna rebarrel a Savage Axis to .35 Whelen. But hell, I trade that Axis off for a piece of Leupold glass and one hundred pieces of Lake City brass.

And yes, I could get a Hart barrell, find a synthetic stocked 30-06 700 at a pawn shop and do it for cheap.

But that's not a CDL!

I have a .243 ADL, a .30-06 BDL, and now will never have a .35 Whelen CDL.

This is your fault Remington. All you.

I hope every police force in the country decides that the Mossberg M590 is a more suitable riot gun.

'Cause it is.


  1. Hey Mack;

    All I can say is that I bought my Remington's back in the 1980's so don't hate me. My O3A3 is made by Remington and my 870.

    1. Different version of big green. Not grumpy at them.

  2. Hrmmm... One senses you are a 'bit' ticked... Sorry to hear that!

  3. Today's Remington admire Colt management....

    1. As well they should. Colt is doing halfway decent at coming back as a viable entity.

      Remington....not so much.


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