Monday, May 18, 2020

Money Taking Tuesday - Thirty Seconds Flat

"Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner." - Neil McCauley, as portrayed by Robert De Niro in "Heat"

I like Michael Mann movies. I like them a lot.

And I'm not saying I've ever though about how I could knock over the bank with four of my closest friends, but well, legend has it that is use to be something taught in Ranger School until the Miami Shootout.

So, yeah, Michael Mann movies. Good plots. Good writing. Great gun play.

And well, when a seven year old sees a movie that has something a bit different than the M-1873s, Winchester lever guns, M-1 Garands, and M-16A1s he's used to, he takes a liking to both the film and the guns.

The Colt 733 has always been a cool gun. But I never wanted to pay $200 dollars to the Feds simply to removes two inches from an item that is already heavily taxed. And carry handles are so 1959.

But when you stick a kid of the '90s in a gun shop and give him too much disposable income, sometimes things happen.

Not anything at all like a 733 except in general style. But man, is it handy. I'm kinda enamored with it.

I'm thinking it needs a detachable carry handle and one of the repro XM-177 moderators.

But until then, it's a gun I'll take with me if I have to leave in 30 seconds flat.


  1. Hey Mack

    When I was in the Army, I had tried to get CAR-15's for us track guys because I always thought they were cool as hell and they would be easier to maneuver than the M16A1's we were wrestlings around with...Well I kept getting the "hairy eyeball" from the armorer and the supply people and they kept telling me..."We don't have those anymore..."....Dang I then tried to get the "Grease Guns", my sister unit at 1st Armor, their guys had them...Well that too was a failure...I was mollified when we got the A2's.

    1. If I think about it real hard, when I reported to the 1`08th Cav, the Brads still had M-3 Grease Guns for crew weapons. And I feel like in '08 we were giving turret gunners M-231 FPWs. Maybe.

  2. If it works, and you're happy with it... :-)

    1. I am more than a little self satisfied with myself. Putting lowers together is like a grown up erector set.


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