Monday, May 18, 2020

Monday Musings

A Range Day Plethora
-By Pudge

About a week ago, I went to the range with quite the assortment of firearms. I failed to snap a picture with all of them but they were: Kimber K6s DA/SA, SIG P365, SIG P365SAS, Keltec Sub2K, CAA MicroRoni with Glock 19X, my SpaceNag, a newly built NAG17K (at least that is what I’m calling a 19 gripped, 17 slided gun), and a Ruger American Ranch .300blk. Needless to say, it was quite the spattering but made for a fun day at the range. I went with my father-in-law to sight in and try out some new guns on both of our parts. Below are some quick thoughts on the plethora of lead slinging pieces we brought with.
The Kimber K6s DA/SA with its nice wood grips had some nice push back letting you know you touched off a .357 magnum. It shot amazing though. The trigger in double action had a natural, easy to find holding point right before it broke. In single action you’d think this thing had been worked over by a very sought-after gunsmith. Everyone needs a wheel gun in their collection and this is one I wouldn’t be ashamed to add.
I really like the little SIG P365 and its slim, easy concealable size with decent number of screaming bees on tap. I was extremely happy to get to test it out next to its even more streamlined twin, the P365SAS. The SAS version is supposed to be anti-snag so even the sights are recessed into the gun. I really liked the sighting system for close, rapid engagements. I couldn’t really tell much difference on the ported barrel. I’m guessing due to the extremely minimal size. As I’ve posted before, usually porting makes a decent difference, but I didn’t really perceive any benefits on this little guy.
The Keltec Sub2K just made its way onto my short list. It is handy, compact, runs the same tupperware magazines that Mack likes so much, and dang does it suppress really well. The only big issue is the sights are just a hair too short so you really have to jam your cheek into the buffer tube to get a good sight picture. Running an optic takes care of this but then you have to worry about moving the optic or buying a specialized flip mount so that you can fold the gun as designed. Either way, it would make a very good grab and go gun to throw in a bag or under the seat of your trusty steed.
I thought the MicroRoni was sort of a gimmick when I first saw it. It does however have some merits. I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy one anytime soon but it was fun to blast away with. You have to run a stock (pick your brand based on which model) handgun in it. Any additions such as suppressor height sights, beavertails, or similar will preclude you from running your chosen handgun in it. It does however handle very easily and makes it a piece of cake to knock out the bullseye of your target at a decent range just like we all used to try at the carnival trying to win over our special lady friend with a teddy bear won from superior shooting.
The SpaceNag is running better and better every time I take it out. I’m getting more comfortable with a red dot on handguns and will actually be attending some training for it next month up in Mack’s neck of the woods. (Expect lots of productivity while we are building woobie forts and watching the Green Berets!) We did however bring out my father-in-law’s NAG17K he just completed. It needs a little more smoothing up before being reliable but that is what happens when you throw lots of aftermarket parts together and see the tolerances stack up. It will be a very nice gun once it gets smoothed out. Nothing some good ol’ +P ammo and lots of oil won’t solve.
This is going to be the ultimate hog slayer...I hope!

And lastly, I just picked up a Ruger American Ranch in .300blk that I’ve been eyeing for a while. A few months back, Mack helped “talk me” into a Sightmark Wraith digital scope. Like I needed convincing but as stated before if I get a thumbs up from Mack then it has to be a great idea! Since then, I’ve been researching the best gun to throw it on and decided I wanted to make the ultimate night time hog slaying gun that was still usable during daylight for other critters. That is what brought me to the American. I’ll do a more in-depth review on both the sight and the rifle as I get more time behind them. I am very pleased so far and can’t wait to really test this setup out.
Now, I’ve got to go pick up aluminum cans so I can afford to go back to the range.


  1. Hey Pudge;

    Nice selection, and I understand the need to go collect cans and bottles after shooting to defray the cost of shooting. Mack had made some comment about you going to his neck of the woods to go chase down defenseless reptiles, LOL. Make sure you give him a ration of crap when you see him.

  2. Mr. Garabaldi,

    It was a great day with a whole gamut of guns. We expended a lot of rounds and had a lot of fun doing it. Those reptiles eat quite tastily and I figured it was about time to make sure Mack was full up on his rations!


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