Friday, August 28, 2020

Friday Film- The Wild Geese

The Wild Geese Movie Review

After a slight hiatus your favorite movie reviewers are back!

Pudge writes-

You know it is going to be a good movie when the lead man has to get flown in for a job that he won’t do without James Bond and his expert planner.
To me there were so many great moments and shout outs in this movie. I loved each man’s reason for wanting to join back with the Colonel for one last operation. The brotherhood rings so true. And who can beat ol’ SGM Sandy whipping the men into shape and giving everyone, no matter rank, the proper amount of ‘correction’ during training.

Along with Jafer and his expertise in planning I really enjoyed the weapons used by these men. The OEG sight used by Jock really stood out to me. I’ve been reading a lot about these recently and loved seeing it used to great effect. Also, a man garnering all my respect, Pieter, using a crossbow against the sentries. Some of the best weapons are not what one would expect.

A great movie about camaradarie and why contingency planning is extremely important.

Mack writes-

"My liver is to be buried separately; with full honors."

That tells you all you need to know about the terrific film that is the Wild Geese.

Mercenaries, FALs, Rhodesia, and short shorts. It is really the perfect guy movie. It even has James Bond. Oh, and a real life Rhodie SAS man in the form of Jock, who plays himself. And carries a hella cool shorty FAL with a first-generation red dot. From the company that would become Aimpoint. 

As an aside, that is the same optic that some of Pudge's predecessors carried when they stormed Son Tay and also slaughtered a bunch of Soviet advisors. 

The politics of the movie are a bit dated but the issue of race in Africa is well portrayed and rings true today.

It also shows some good training scenes, some good operational planning, and the importance of PACE in figuring out how to extract.

Oh, and it has a Vickers gun. That's cool. 

Very entertaining film. Five out of five long necks but not exactly a favorite of the Ladies’ Auxiliary.


  1. Hey Mack and Pudge;

    I KNEW y'all would enjoy that movie. It is a perennial favorite of mine. and what is not to love, killing communist, Uzi's and FAL's
    Check out "The Siege of Firebase Gloria", it is an underrated movie with R Lee Ermey in it.

    1. Mr. Garabaldi,

      It has all the makings of a great movie and it delivered them. I feel you won't steer us wrong so that one will get added to the list!

    2. I've seen it a dozen times. Good each time.

  2. And I can't disagree one iota. One of my favorites of all times.

    1. Miguel GFZ,

      We are always open to more suggestions of great movies. We might be digging into "The Dogs of War" next. Stayed tuned!

  3. And, FWIW, currently available (for free) on Amazon Prime.

  4. Hadn't thought of that movie in a while. But definitely a good one!


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