Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Tuesday Tips

Realistic Targets-
By Pudge

After a long hiatus for life, we’re back with another Tuesday Tips. I’m going to discuss a very simple yet effective way to help make your 2d, cardboard target a little more realistic. It will also help you get a better idea of your natural aim point when there is no ‘scoring ring’ to aim at.

I took a regular IPSC/USPSA target and put a t-shirt over it. This helps make the target look a little more like something you may have to shoot at should the time arise. I just used an extra t-shirt that I had laying around. I prefer to use black t-shirts because they simulate the most extreme scenario. The black hides any hits you’ve made while also making you work for your sights as it creates very little contrast. (Especially if you are running black on black irons.)

My target after 9 rounds.

Mack blasting away!

Doing this allows you to see where you might aim in a self-defense scenario. I’ve never really had an issue even with low contrast targets but as you can see, I tended to be inline, just a smidge low. Still effective hits but nice to know I should aim a little higher than I think. Go try it out and you might be surprised what you find out.


  1. Hey Pudge;

    The Inline ain't an issue, to be "tacky" the target is still "Serviced" if you know what I mean, and I like the T-shirt idea, never thought of that idea and you should have used some of Mack's shirts, Just on principal, LOL

    1. Mr. Garabaldi,

      I'm definitely not mad with a nice up and down spread because you are very much right on it being plenty 'serviced!' Doing this just makes it a little more realistic and ups the difficulty level. Mack's shirts will be next on the chopping block but this time I figured a nice PT shirt was fitting to be blasted!

  2. +1 on the t-shirt targets. We used to shoot them in our un-IDPA Night matches. Splitting up the sides made them easier to move when scoring stages.

    I do like these 2 sided targets for training.


    1. Gerry,

      Agreed, cutting them in half makes it easier to flip to the side and doubles the amount of times you can use them. Also, I like those targets. Awesome concept, and looks like well executed too!

  3. Yep, we've done that before. You want to have some 'fun', put a paper towel across the lower half of the head like a mask. Talk about target fixation...LOL


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