Saturday, April 10, 2021

Slinging Lead Saturday

Just some pictures of a few Saturdays ago getting to do some blasting as the 'Counter Jockey Blog Team.' Now we just need to get back out there and keep working some of the drills we found and like. I'm always looking for new drills so please comment with your favorites.

Mack being a great 'dummy' for the camera!

A little carbine action.

Because I really want to be a cool commando.

A couple of nice tools.


  1. Hey Mack and Pudge;

    Well that pic was of Mack being Mack, LOL. and yes those are some nice tool there.

    1. Mr. Garabaldi,

      Can't get on to Mack for doing what he does best! And because of his nice commando setup I got jealous and am putting one together very similar to it. A very fun and handy gun.

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