Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Weapons Wednesday -Winchester Short Mag - Take Two

 So, what's the best way to deal with the ammo panic? Dry fire? Reloading? Hoarding?

None of the above! The best thing to do is buy a rifle in a hard to fine caliber that is loaded only seasonally!

I like Model 70s. And I have come around to the short magnum bastard cartridges. 

And when my best friend Huck called and said:

"Hey, I'm looking at a Model 70 Ultimate Shadow in three hundred short mag. Guy only wants four bills for it. You in?" 

I of course said sure and promptly got into the truck. 

I like yellow and orange 

Excuse the potato quality cell phone pics. 

I had a VX-II 4-12x40mm lying around and it dropped right on there. Warne rings and bases because I get those damn free from work .

The Model 70 Ultimate Shadow is a new production, pre 64 designed gun made right before Winchester went bankrupt and got gobbled up by FNH. 

Super lightweight; ergonomic, easy handling rifle. And hey, I still got 300 WSM on the shelf at the store. 

Thanks for stopping buy. 


  1. Hey Mack;

    You allllmost but not quite have the "Old NFO" luck with finding guns...good find.

    1. Heh. Yeah. My luck has dried up since I left the pawn and gun.

  2. Ummm...That's cheating... LOL

    1. Hey now! There have to be some perks to being a Counter Jockey

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  4. First time here. Back when I was a sole proprietor FFL (in Kalifornia no less) I got myself a M70 SS Classic in 308. As you say, "Super lightweight; ergonomic, easy handling rifle". Stumbled over a sale on Swarovski scopes in the old dead tree version of the 'Shotgun News', so got a 3-10 power to go with. Heh, "Nice rifle ya got mounted on your scope".

    Have since escaped to Texas.

    1. Glad you escaped to free America!

      Thanks for stopping buy


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