Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Tuesday Tips

 Wobbly Surefire Fix

By Pudge

Hey everybody! Still alive and coming at you with a quick tip today.

I'm sure if  you run a Surefire X300A of any sort you notice a little woble. They best way I've found is to put a little strip of the soft side of velcro on the back of the light. I prefer the self-adhesive type so that I can just stick it and forget about it. It will make the light lock up tight no matter what platform you run it on.  


  1. Nice fix. I don't have any pistols with rails, so not a workable option for me.

    1. Old NFO,

      It's a simple solution with no permanent modifications, which is why I like it. I didn't have any railed handguns for the longest time but now I'm pretty much all in with weaponlights.


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