Friday, April 24, 2020

Film Friday - Siege of Jadotville

So, this week on Film Friday we are gonna cover a film a couple of y'all mentioned. Or in the case of Mr Garabaldi hounded me for quite some time to watch. So I watched it. And made Jackie watch it too. And then had to make tacos.

Pudge writes:

Siege of Jadotville-
Let me start off by saying, “wow, what a different time and way personnel conducted themselves on the battlefield.” This was quite a movie that I really enjoyed. I think the best part about this movie is the information and history that it brought to light. I hadn’t heard of the battle prior to this movie but have learned lots about it since.

One of the Soldiers was played by Pat Quinlan’s grandson and my understanding is that he believes the movie followed very closely to the actual events that transpired. After some research it definitely appears that way. It is remarkable how well the Irish unit held their own with so little and no prior combat experience. Amazing how the right people with the right knowledge can make such a difference. It also shows what a determined group of Soldiers who will fight for each other can do.

I’m glad that the men were finally recognized for their actions. I wish it would have happened sooner but politics always have a way of squashing the truth. It is a shame that these men had to go through what they did with only negative recognition until very recently. Not just because I really liked the movie but because we can’t let history like this disappear, I highly recommend you all go watch this movie as soon as possible.

Counter Jockey writes:

So, first off, I enjoyed the movie because it made the UN look impotent and about worthless. But I got some issues. 

First off, I was rightfully grumpy when some pissant Irish conscript referred to the weapons of A Company as obsolete. Listen, I'd take a company into combat today if they were armed with FALs, Swedish Ks, Hi Powers, BRENs, Vickers guns, and Enfield sniper rifles. Good damn guns. Which I thoroughly enjoyed seeing in the film. Yay gun porn!

Which brings me to my next point: Why in the holy hell of all that is Guinness beer did the "sniper" use a BREN gun sans magazine to kill the evil mine executive? It shoots the same bloody round as the Enfield. And the Enfield is more accurate! Bah! 

Okay, moving on, in 1961 any UN contract helicopters are gonna be beat to shit old H-19s. Not new Hueys. Nor is the UN gonna have damn Hercs. Hell, a couple of years later, the Belgiums had to ask the USAF nicely for C-130s to undue all that lovely independence bullshit. Google Operation Dragon Rouge. 

And speaking of airplanes, in 1961 the USN were the only guys flying the Phantom. Anybody want to explain how a Phantom could make all the way into the Congo to shoot down the Secretary General's airplane? Bullshit. A whole bunch of pro Commie bullshit. 

So, yeah, I guess it's an okay movie. But damn, lot of leftist bullshit. That being said Commandant Quinlan got a raw deal. And did his level best to do his duty and complete his mission. I can certainly relate to that. I'd like to buy him a pint. 

And this all comes full circle because of the all the valuable minerals that Africa provides. I've gone on at length about how we were both morally and strategically wrong to abandon Rhodesia. The issues in the Congo are similar. 

I hope to all that is holy that I am wrong. But I fear that I am not. We will fight the Chinese, if not force on force, than by proxy in Africa. And it is all because of mistakes we made from 1961 all the way until 1993. 


  1. Hey Mack and Pudge;

    I liked the movie because like Pudge stated "It shows what a determined group of Soldiers who will fight for each other can do." The Assorted Gun Porn was good, and I liked the part where it made the UN look incompetent and it showed the slimy politicians screwing the soldiers whom were trying to do right by their mission. Mack was correct about the Huey, that did jump out at me, there would have been no Huey during that time, it was still in development in the United States. It would have been some other beat to crap helicopter. The Movie Also showed Africa being Africa, Tsombe played the UN Leadership like a fiddle, for the UN Underestimated him and overestimated themselves. I liked the "Overwhelming Odds, it showed what disciplined troops will do despite being outnumbered." And did I say, Made the UN Look Impotant...?

    1. Mr. Garabaldi,

      It is definitely interesting to see the weapons deemed obsolete. I am in full agreeance with Mack that I would not fill underpowered, especially at that time with those weapons. Minus needing more of them and ammo! Africa continues to be the wild west with their world dealings.


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