Saturday, April 18, 2020

Somber Saturday

Everyone else has eulogized Hognose is some from or fashion today. And He is certainly deserving of it. I don't have a whole lot to add other than I miss him everyday.

Kevin and I met online virtually round about 2015 or so. We talked about where to put the old PEQ on the M-4 quad rail and where we ran it while in service.

And after that I read his blog everyday; I would comment often as well.

I had told him that when ever he found himself in Georgia he needed to come walk Kennesaw Mountain and Chickamauga Creek with me. Show them damn Yankees where we stopped them cold.

Sadly, that never came to be.

I know wherever he is that there are CZ guns, old airplanes, and Diet Dr Pepper available. Or at least I fervently hope so.

This hasn't got any easier over the last three years.


  1. He did me a solid when I landed in jail and I was never able to repay his kindness.

    That sits heavy on me.


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